Financial Calculators

Planning for financial success is sometimes difficult if you have a new or small business. At the beginning of any new business venture, the constant pursuit for cashflow doesn’t allow you ample time to focus on saving money or planning your financial future. Fortunately, there is something that can help you; financial calculators give you instant financial information based on a few key numbers. Clarified Accounting now features 10 different financial calculators with various scenarios to help save you valuable time and money.

Our financial calculators determine financial information regarding:

Savings: Find out how much your RRSP or TFSA could be worth under varying scenarios.
Loans: Determine a monthly payment that’s comfortable for your budget.
Investment Income: Understand the long term potential value of an investment.
Investment Postponement: What are the financial implications of postponing yours or your client’s investments?
Tax Rates: Determine your provincial tax rates depending on your income through a simple tax calculator.
Inflation: Compare today’s buying power with historical or projected inflation.
RRSP Loans: Find out if borrowing to contribute to your RRSPs is a sensible route.
RRSP Tax Savings: Find out how much tax savings you will realise based on your RRSP contribution amount.
Retirement Budget & Savings: See a more accurate representation of your retirement budget based on inflation of the current dollar value.
Value of Human Life: Where do you stand economically?

Why are financial calculators so helpful?

When it comes to making important budgetary decisions, accuracy is crucial. Saving for the future often requires complex calculations and an understanding of current economic trends. Using a few simple numbers that you likely already know, such as your age and your annual income, you can get instant access to a wealth of knowledge that will help you better determine your financial future. Other benefits of using financial calculators include:

– Planning for the future
– Adjust your expectations or make changes to see results faster
– Fixing problems now
– Get on track of your objective
– Visualizing goals
– “Seeing” what your money can do will motivate you to continue saving.
– Understanding financial health
– If you’re unsure where you stand in terms of your goals, financial calculators can easily tell you how you measure up.
– Save time
– Our financial goals can often change. Don’t spend unnecessary time crunching numbers. Financial calculators provide instant and accurate information.

How do they work?

Select the calculator you want to use. It will help to have your financial information with you, such as bank statements, RRSP contribution documents, and monthly contribution amounts. Input the necessary information in the easy-to-use calculators. Watch how the results automatically generate. Change the information as much as you want to test out different scenarios. To save your results, simply click “print report”.

Clarified Accounting is dedicated to providing day-to-day accounting solutions for new and small businesses. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about how to use our financial calculators or for any other inquiries related to your financial future.

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